System status

All systems are fully operational. The following graphs are updated every 60 seconds and contain the most recent 24 hours of data.

Latency between Entrywan data centers:

On average, it takes a bit less than 100 milliseconds and 60 milliseconds for round-trip communication between our London and Los Angeles data centers, respectively, and our Nashville data center. Pan-account data, such as billing information, could be delayed during sustained periods of connectivity degradation. These kinds of issues are infrequent.

Control plane load, approximated by query latency for selected services:

We deploy excess capacity in anticipation of normal course load increases. Sustained levels of high load could result in slower than average response times for some of our core services. Such conditions are unusual. Most of the time, these services respond in under 10 milliseconds to a nearby client. We monitor these metrics closely.

This web server is up 10 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes.