Dedicated instance pricing, prorated by the second

Priced according to your specifications: $1.00 per core + $2.00 per GB memory + $1.00 per 10 GB disk per month. Firewalls, VPC networks, and other supporting features are included. Bandwidth is not metered.

Example configuration Price
1 core, 512MB memory, 10GB disk $3.00/month
1 core, 1GB memory, 10GB disk $4.00/month
1 core, 2GB memory, 20GB disk $7.00/month
2 cores, 4GB memory, 80GB disk $18.00/month
4 cores, 8GB memory, 160GB disk $36.00/month
8 cores, 16GB memory, 320GB disk $72.00/month

Kubernetes cluster pricing

A fully-managed kubernetes cluster with control plane and worker nodes. The control plane is included. Only workers are charged. Prorated by the second.

Small nodes (2 cores, 4GB memory per node) Price
3-node cluster $54.00/month
5-node cluster $90.00/month
7-node cluster $126.00/month

App platform, the easiest way to deploy your apps

Each app has 1 GB of ephemeral storage included. Bandwidth is not metered.

Pricing based on CPU and memory profile Price
1/8 core, 256 MB of RAM $0.50/month
1/4 core, 512 MB of RAM $1.00/month
1/2 core, 1 GB of RAM $2.00/month
1 core, 2 GB of RAM $4.00/month
2 cores, 4 GB of RAM $8.00/month
4 cores, 8 GB of RAM $16.00/month

Object storage

S3-compatible, pay-as-you-go storage infrastructure. No minimum fees. At least three physical copies of each object are stored. Operations and bandwidth are not metered.

Unit Price
Storage $0.014/GB/month
Egress Free
Get/Put/List Free

Layer 3 load balancer

High availability for your applications.

Size Price
Single node $9.00/month
Two nodes $18.00/month
Three nodes $27.00/month