Full-service, customer-focused cloud

Simple and secure. No vendor lock-in.

A menu allows selecting options for a new kubernetes cluster
Fast, flexible infrastructure in seconds. Point-and-click, API, or Terraform—everything is automatable.
Powerful PaaS, autosync your apps to a git repo, scale up with ease
Logos of a few programming languages supported by Entrywan's Paas: Java, Go, Python, Clojure, NodeJS
Compute instances as building blocks, starting at $3/month (or $0.00412/hour).
Managed kubernetes, starting at $18/month (or $0.025/hour). Control plane included.
S3-compatible object storage. Programmable storage for your workloads.
Reliable firewalls allow securing fleets of resources.
Load balancers for scaling up. Work natively with kubernetes.
Tag your resources for built-in asset management.
Fined-grained IAM, restrict access based on various criteria.
Real-time billing information. All products are prorated by the second.
VPC networks to encrypt and organize your infrastructure.
Built-in analytics makes understanding and managing your infrastructure hassle-free.
Map of Entrywan data center locations in Nashville, London and Los Angeles

Our North American and European locations provide access to the most important markets and internet hubs while maintaining the highest security standards.

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